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Mr. Jarind B. Sriraumpuch( Sim ),B.Sc.,M.B.,G.P.
Nationality: Thai   Religion: Buddhism Blood Gr. A (Rh+)
Birth place:
Bangkok   Ring.gif (1957 bytes) 66-8-91251190
Family:Father-Mr.Hongseng Sim
Mother-Mrs.Leg Simragchol(Kow)
I'm the 5/6th son of family
Wife:Mrs.Te-pind Sriraumpuch(Tienhaom)
Daughter:Miss Jittrind C. Sriraumpuch(Sim)
Behavior: like reason,do justice for myself and others.
Interesting in knowledge of applied science for social life.
Motto: # Honor depends on what we can do. #
My point of view in social life:

Adult ought to be good precedence and custom for youth,
many social problems occur because of adult's misdoing.
finished B.Sc. from faculty of science,
Mahidol university since 1976,finished M.B. from faculty of medicine,
Siriraj hospital,Mahidol university since A.D.1978,
finished certificate in a profession of clinical science from Bandit
witayalai, Siriraj hospital, Mahidol university, since A.D.1980,
finished Diploma in Thai board of general practitioner from Siriraj
hospital, Mahidol university, since 1982
Working:1.taught medical,health science and associated medical science students for
two years in faculty of medicine, Khongan university then resigned.
2.Nowadays,works as general practitioner in own clinic,first initiated the idea of
Jarind's & Sim's genetic Letters" for solving the genetic problems since 1987
URL: http://genetic_letters.tripod.com
3. invented
"art-letters of lives" for reminding the important ones in the world biography.
4.also wrote the song
"Love remainder" and "Love to rescue".
5.wrote "Thai Classic Music Note Teaching Program(Dr.Ben)" for helping in Thai
Youth's Music learning and practising. 
6.Producing of "Thai Music Note books" for the media of youth's
Thai classic music learning
7.taught Thai classic music for youth without fee in
"Ruengyos Temple"
(as "Wad Ruengyos Thai  classic music club") since 1995-2001
9.Webmaster of
Art Association for Youth in Office of National Culture Commission



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